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Anuradha shukla

I have been following Ankits yoga routine and became healthier by doing  everyday yoga. 

I love his hatha vinyasa sequences that helped me to reduce weight and increased strength.

Who is This Challenge For?

These 5 classes are created for all levels to help wake up the body and mind for the day ahead. Although it is created for all levels, it’s important that you do listen to your body and if something does not feel ok or too intense, you should skip the pose or movement and be sure to explore and modify with yoga props whenever and wherever you need.

Why A 5 Day Yoga Challenge?

5 days of Yoga challenges are the best way to create a healthy habit not only physically but mentally. As we get lost in our busy schedules, we often forget about our self-care in turn putting our mental health on the back burner. This particular 5-day yoga challenge is short and sweet with each class being under 45 minutes. Who doesn’t have 45 minutes every day to hop on their mat? These yoga classes make it easy to create healthy habits for your well-being.

What To Expect In this Yoga challenge?

You should expect to feel less stressed, more refreshed, energized and focused every morning.

This 5 class series offers various styles of yoga from full body stretches to yoga flows to help keep things fun, exciting and bring different types of movements into the body each day.

What Do I Need To Use This challenge?

For this challenge you may want to have a few props on hand however it is not necessary.

Yoga props are a great way to help make poses feel more comfortable like sitting crossed legged 

Things to have on hand before practice:

  • 2 Blocks (Alternatives: Stack books and tightly secure them with tape)
  • 4 or more Pillows (Alternatives: Large folded blankets)
  • Yoga Strap (Alternatives: Belt, Long Sheet, Long Sleeve Sweater)

Our Programs

Free Yoga Challenge

Date1st May to 5th May

Batch Timings

Morning 6:30 Batch

Evening  5:30 Batch

What Are The Classes?

  • INTRO – 5-Day Morning Yoga Series Introduction 

  • DAY 1 – 45 Minute Morning Yoga For Beginners

  • DAY 2 – 45 Minute Energizing Morning Yoga Flow

  • DAY 3 – 45 Minute  Morning Yoga Flow For Happy Hips

  • DAY 4 – 45 Minute  Morning Yoga For Happy Back

  • DAY 5 – 45 Minute  Morning Yoga Total Body Stretch

Now that you got the low down on the importance of Yoga Challenges, go check it out! You won’t regret this very simple act of self-care.

About Trainer

Ankit Pandey

I am Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher


Ankit has practiced Yoga for the last 14 years. It started from the days when he was a kid, which became a serious choice and he did his Graduation & master’s degree in Yoga. 
He worked in heartfulness as a lead yoga teacher. He has trained people in Africa, Europe, and Asia and has students in various other parts of the world. He has leveraged Yogic Science as preventive & curative therapies for people with various problems.

Some memories of my work

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