Atention: Busy professionals, Business owners and house makers

#DO YOGA : it's just Makes life Better

Result Oriented Weight loss Masterclass for Working-Professionals

I've helped more than 310+ Busy professionals House makers and Business owners to stay fit by spending just 45 minutes per day on Fitness.

100% Naturally : Without Using Pills, Capsules, Injections, Weight Loss Shakes OR Any Other Harmful Supplements Or Surgeries.

Teacher- Ankit Pandey

International Yoga expert

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Daya Kumar Sharma

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Daya Kumar Sharma

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Daya Kumar Sharma

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Daya Kumar Sharma

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Daya Kumar Sharma

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Daya Kumar Sharma


Still Wondering If This program is for you?

Check All The Boxes That Are True For You

I am regularly facing problems with Back pain and sleeping

Even After Trying So Many exersises , I but havent got any sustainable results

I want to lose weight and get fit right way, so I can be more Productive and confident.

I’ve tried pranticing Yoga earlier but got no results so far & now I am looking to get authentic trainer that bring results

I want to avoid practicing about yoga from random videos & YouTube that feels misguided losing my time & energy.

Even after following every single exercise & diet plan on earth, I still can’t lose even 2 kg weight

If You’ve Checked One Or More Than One Boxes Above, Then My Friend You’re

Welcome To The our Yoga class

This Yoga class Is Exactly For You, To Solve Your Problems!

Meet Your Trainer

Ankit Pandey

International Yoga and wellness coach

I hold a Master's Degree in Yoga from Annamalai University and also graduated in Yoga from Haridwar.
I've enriched my expertise by Hosting several 200hrs Teacher Training Courses Around the globe with students from diverse backgrounds.

As a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher from Mysore, I've recently led a 4-month Yoga Detox Program in 5 star Hotel in Egypt.

I'm on a Mission to transform 100,000 working professionals to lose weight & Boost productivity through the power of 5 steps Model. I founded Yoga shala Hub. in Yogic Science

ERYT- 500hrs

Black belt in Karate

Is It Worth it?

What, Time Or Money? In Any Case, How Often Do You Think About This While Ordering A Medium Size Pizza
Or Scrolling Social Media, Watching Videos For 3-4 Hours?

Decision Is Yours

Take Action And Change Your Life, “Desired Outcome” Or Sit Back And Do Nothing But Remember, If You Do Nothing! Life Will Be The Same And Your Everyday Will Be The Same, Maybe Even Worse And After Years, You May Look Back, And Wish With Regret If Only I Had Taken Action When I Had The Opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Personal yoga classes are suitable for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi. Your instructor will adapt the practice to your level of experience and comfort.

Yes ofcourse, our Program has been designed in such a way that it’s easy and affordable for you. You can do the workout according to your comfort. We will also connect with you to track your progress.

  • Absolutely. Personalized yoga sessions can be designed to incorporate relaxation and mindfulness techniques, making them effective for stress reduction and promoting mental well-being.


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